Smart AED Simulator

Smart AED Simulator with Feedback

The Smart AED Feedback Simulator is an app for iOS to simulate the functions of an AED.

When your first open the app, you see the screen as shown above.

Go to settings (right bottom corner) to adjust the AED settings: (only available when AED power is disabled).

Here you can set:
– whether the AED should advise a shock
– whether the AED should generate a tone while charging
– interface colors for different iPad covers
– Dutch vs. English (interface is always in English)

At the top of the settings screen you have two options:
– Submit settings and return to AED Simulator screen (left top)
– Go to this page (right top)

Use the AED Simulator

1. Enable AED by enabling the power switch

2. The AED Simulator will now give hints to the trainee on what to do.

When “Advise Shock” is enabled in settings, the app will advise a shock and start ‘charging’ (with a rising sound if enabled in settings).

Then the “shock button” becomes enabled and starts blinking:

After pressing the shock button the AED simulator will say that the patient was shocked and give further information according to CPR protocol.

Note: we use the latest ILCOR / NRR / AHA  2015 protocol that also advises to call emergency services and put phone on speaker mode.
In near future we hope to be able to also provide custom AED protocol profiles for you to change. The app is already designed to accommodate for that. Some for more voices and languages.*

After 2 minutes the analysis – charging – shock procedure will be reinitiated.
This continues till the user “turns off” the AED by disabling the power switch.

In near future (< August 2017) we will also provide:
– a cover and inlay for the iPads to make the simulator even more realistic
– Smart AED pads to connect to the iPad (simulation pads)
– a Smart Bluetooth Pad placement unit for use with virtually all available training manikins / patient simulators that can detect correct placement of the Smart AED training pads

To be continued…

*) Might come as an in-app purchase option.